From courtesan to superstar. This new Queen of Ball on Polish Titanic died 200 years back

From courtesan to superstar. This new Queen of Ball on Polish Titanic died 200 years back

By way of her inherent imaginative and you can male gullibility, an attractive Greek woman-made a societal field in the pre-partition Poland. She lured, had products, and sometimes berlains, plus Russian and Polish princes. Strangely enough, a lot of the girl suitors was indeed males which acted toward detriment of one’s Shine Commonwealth

The career out of Zofia, primo voto de Witte, secundo voto Potocka, confirms you to definitely charm backed by wise can be readily equate that have wealth and you can personal and you may informative status. So it stunning Greek girl, offered to a gloss diplomat of the her own mother, was to mastered the newest salons away from Warsaw and Europe. When you look at the this, she were able to avoid the fate away from most other ladies who had followed an equivalent roadway. She never really had so you can kneel to your guillotine such as the Countess du Barry. She failed to end up like Lady Hamilton. She added a deluxe life up to this lady death from inside the Berlin on November twenty four, 1822, regarding disease of one’s facebook dating MOBIELE SITE reproductive body organs.

The author refutes brand new heroine’s history of promiscuity in an exceedingly smart way: the fresh new priestess of your deity from like you should never live instead love (along with physical love)

In her ), writer Ewa Stachniak requires embarrassment on the Zofia, enabling the lady so you can pass away painlessly by simply making a French doc which administered opium and you may laudanum to the perishing girl. Much more fantastic, yet true, is what accompanied the girl dying. Officials kept on delaying permission, whilst the looks is embalmed.

This new girl have been to the countess in her history weeks, decided on a beneficial ruse towards elimination of the girl system. They outfitted the latest corpse, carefully implementing make up and you can position an enthusiast within mom’s give ahead of arranging the woman about carriage. The fresh edging guards was in fact conned, believing the elderly passenger is indisposed.

A harlot exactly who is able to ascend to reach the top of your own public pyramid is not that unusual. Although not, Zofia lived-in unique minutes. Throughout the last half of the eighteenth 100 years, the fundamentals of your dated order was basically crumbling, faith in the Chapel along with divine-ordained monarchies is collapsing, and among the many elite you will find an expanding belief one to faith is outdated. No regulations in private existence and you may politics turned the latest laws. More powerful places devoured weaker ones.

Philosophers was in fact interested in the likelihood of energy worked out regarding the title of those. Libertines, having clear themselves of the past vestiges away from guilt and you will concern out of personal condemnation, was in fact holding the fresh burn of some other wave — morals.

“Discover matchmaking”, where partners was in fact invited complete intimate freedom, was standard inside the high society. Inside the moral words, Zofia, pressed from an early age to market the lady appeal, was no different from lady which have aristocratic titles. Actually, comparatively speaking, she is reduced haughty and egotistical. Nor try she reported to be a beneficial schemer. She slashed good sympathetic figure together look and a beneficial carefree soul that bordered toward naivety (most likely feigned). While she spoke Polish poorly, it was not uncommon from the modern company she combined with.

Definitely, Zofia’s most readily useful house is her appearance. Their charm try widely respected and not by elite flatterers such as the poet Stanislaw Trembecki.

Probably the Queen off Prussia Frederick the good, a good misogynist and an effective tease, produced the lady associate and you can is actually free. About unique “Lawn of Venus”, Sophia reigns over the latest minds of males also on her behalf deathbed. The woman is wiser much less hypocritical than simply all of the this lady people.

Out-of females readers’ statements it is obvious which they look at the Zofia illustrated on the book getting the fresh embodiment out of a great successful lady. Most likely, boys will have a different view, nonetheless hardly discover including guides. Ironically, the newest “gorgeous Bithynian” [Bithynia is an area of northern-western China Minor, in which Zofia originated from] met of numerous interesting males in her own existence. So in place of summarizing the girl biography, discussed, throughout their racy detail because of the Jerzy Lojek in “Dzieje pieknej Bitynki. Opowiesc o zyciu Zofii Wittowej-Potockiej” (The story of stunning Bithynian, PAX, 1982), let’s look closer at the new black colored-eyed countess’s suitors.

Hygienic rules in effect about Empire out-of Prussia implied the fresh corpse couldn’t feel transmitted immediately in order to Ukraine

Having started out as the an excellent Prussian broker inside Chicken, the guy turned brand new factotum of your Tatar Khan, prior to ultimately future under the wing away from Queen Stas [King away from Poland Stanislaw Poniatowski], just who offered the talented vagrant Shine citizenship, approved your the fresh label from chamberlain, your order regarding St. Stanislaus, and an entire-go out reputation in the Long lasting Council, (the first real Polish authorities, according to historians). However, a beneficial clerical income was not sufficient to satisfy the bold de Boscamp, just who went on to find involved in usury, the fresh new emerald trading and you may trafficking ladies. Plus, he took money from the fresh new Russians.

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