The project “Upgrading capacity of T2 transformer, renovating 110kV TIA E10.4 substation” has a total investment of 111.4 billion VND, deployed at 110kV Tia substation, invested by Hanoi Electricity Development Project Management Board. . Vietnam Energy Technical and Commercial Joint Stock Company implemented the item “Renovating 110kV block, installing equipment, testing and adjusting the first and second 110kV E10.4 Tia”.

“This is a key project to meet the demand for load exploitation in the districts of Thuong Tin, Thanh Tri and Phu Xuyen, improve the reliability of power supply, and complete the N-1 criterion of the 110 kV TP grid. Hanoi. Therefore, the Project Management Board will work with the construction units to accelerate the progress and strive to put the project into operation in the third quarter of 2018” – Mr. Vu Linh, Deputy Director of the Power Project Management Board Hanoi said.

Due to the nature of “renovation” on the operating station system, VEngy, together with the investor and other contractors, worked out a plan to organize detailed and safe construction, through many stages of power outage of the project. judgment. In summary, the volume VEngy has implemented at the project includes:
– Renovate the bridge diagram to enough – 2 transformers are converted into two busbar diagrams, and 4 more compartments for transmission lines are expanded after renovation (6 compartments for transmission lines, 2 compartments for transformers, 1 compartment for communication)
– The 35kV side before the renovation is an outdoor compartment, renovated and replaced with a new indoor control cabinet.
– The 22kV side moves the cabinet in the old control house to the new one
– Experimenting the most complete, second phase of renovation and installation of new compartments
– Experimenting with new replacement T1 transformer (increasing capacity to serve the renovation phase)

With the nature of difficult and complicated renovation work, VEngy has mobilized a large force of experienced engineers and workers stationed near the construction site to carry out the project. Through many phases of the project, by the night of November 15 to early morning, November 16, 2018, VEngy and the investor, the Hanoi Electricity Development Project Management Board and related parties, performed the energizing phase. the last paragraph, complete the project.

The renovation and success of putting 110kV Tia E10.4 substation into operation as mentioned above contributes to improving the reliability of power supply, meeting the demand for load exploitation in Thuong Tin and Thanh Tri districts. , Phu Xuyen.

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