In recent days, the North in general and Hanoi in particular have received a record heat wave. The outdoor temperature has been measured at times to exceed 50 degrees Celsius. The record hot sun leads to an increased demand for electricity for fans and air conditioners. Right at that time, the 110kV Thong Nhat Park substation was successfully energized and put into operation, greatly reducing the load on the power system of Hanoi city, specifically the areas of Hai Ba Trung district, Hoan Kiem and Dong Da.

The 110kV transformer station of Thong Nhat Park is invested by the Hanoi Electricity Corporation. The station has a design capacity of 3x63MVA using GIS (Gas Insulated Substation) technology, notably this is the second GIS project invested by EVN Hanoi, and both VEngy Power Experiment projects are trusted. selected as a contractor to test and calibrate electrical equipment before energizing and putting it into operation. The GIS station is a suitable substation for places where there is not much space to install power tools that require a large safe distance. The applied technology is to put electrical tools such as isolators, circuit breakers, etc. into a closed structure filled with insulating SF6 gas, thereby minimizing space when installing the station.

With GIS technology, the whole 110kV substation system is brought into the house. Photo: Đông PV

Back to Thong Nhat Park 110kV substation, with GIS technology, the experiment implementation becomes complicated and requires a high level of expertise, there are many items of Electrical Experiment VEngy had to coordinate with experts came from Thailand by Siemens to make. In addition, VEngy also undertakes the testing of all two 110kV underground cable lines from the 110kV Thanh Nhan station.

VEngy experimented with 02 underground cable lines of 110kV Thanh Nhan – Thong Nhat Park. Photo: Hiệu MX

After nearly 2 months of testing and calibration with a sense of responsibility and effort, on the morning of July 6, VEngy Power Experiment and the representative of the investor were the Ha Noi City Power Grid Project Management Board. Noi (X9) and related units successfully and safely energised 110kV transformer station of Thong Nhat Park.

After nearly 2 months of testing and calibration, on July 6, VEngy, X9 and related parties successfully energize the 110kV Thong Nhat Park station. Photo: Phan Tuân

Putting the 110kV Thong Nhat Park substation into operation is very important in the context that Hanoi is entering the hottest time of the year, the demand for electricity is skyrocketing. For VEngy, the successful continuation of the calibration experiment to put into operation one more GIS station has once again confirmed our capacity in the field of electrical testing in general and in research. to catch up with new technologies in particular.

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