The project “Minh Khai substation and branch” with the investor is Hanoi Electricity Corporation successfully energised on the night of June 27, 2020. Vietnam Energy Technical and Trading Joint Stock Company (VEngy) is a supplier of materials and equipment for substation parts, providing SCADA solutions and testing and adjusting electrical equipment for 110kV Minh substation. Khai (Vinh Hung Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City).

Minh Khai 110kV transformer station is designed on the 110kV side with 06 compartments (02 line compartments, 01 communication compartment and 03 3 x 63MVA transformer compartments); The 22kV side is a system of 03 busbars with a contact breaker with 03 main compartments, communication compartments, TU, capacitor compartment and 27 feeders to the loads.

Photo: Minh Khai 110kV transformer station before power on.

In this project, the scope of work that VEngy has done includes:

– Provide a full set of first-class equipment, second-class substation parts.

– Supply and test, calibrate the entire SCADA – Telecommunications system.

– Calibration test of the first and second equipment, 110kV, 22kV to ensure the conditions for energizing and complete operation.

Photo: VEngy experiments and calibrates the first and second equipment at the 110kV station.

HMI screen interface uses Pacis software provided by VEngy, tested and calibrated.

Photo: A range of protective control cabinets provided and installed by VEngy.

Photo: A series of 22kV medium voltage cabinets provided, installed and calibrated by VEngy.

Minh Khai 110kV transformer station is the most modern substation in Hanoi city, built according to HGIS (Hybrid Gas Insulated Switchgear) model. The advantages of this type of substation model are compact structure, high reliability and low maintenance cost, suitable for use in urban area 110kV transmission and distribution systems.

Photo: VEngy experimenting to calibrate HGIS compartments at 110kV Minh Khai substation.

Thanks to an in-depth background in the field of electrical engineering, especially electrical testing, along with the constant updating of new technologies, VEngy has well fulfilled the role of a first-class contractor and a testing unit. Electrical testing is at the top of the electricity industry, ensuring safe energizing and operating works.

In addition, the successful energizing of the 110kV Minh Khai substation in the context that Hanoi is entering the hottest summer in history is of great significance, contributing to improving the reliability of the power grid. ensure safe and uninterrupted power supply to districts in the capital.

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