Dam Nai wind power project is the first wind power project put into commercial operation of Ninh Thuan province. The total design capacity is about 40MW with 15 turbines with a propeller diameter of 114m (the largest in Vietnam today).

Dam Nai wind power project will have 15 turbine towers, with a diameter of 114m .

To connect with the national power system, Dam Nai 110kV substation was urgently invested and built to promptly serve the above requirements. Dam Nai 110kV substation has a design of 1 transformer 115/23/ 6.3kV capacity 63MVA, 3 110kV circuit breakers and 22kV medium voltage cabinets with 9 compartments…. Electrical Construction Joint Stock Company 1 (PCC1) is the general contractor to implement Package E03 Supply and Construction of 110kV 63MVA Substation under Dam Nai Wind Power Plant project. Electrical testing VEngy Southern branch is trusted to perform the following items: Testing electrical equipment after installation of this package.

Electrical experiment VEngy closely cooperates with PCC1 general contractor in testing and calibration of substation equipment.

In addition to the items of testing and equipment calibration in the substation, VEngy Electrical Experiment is also responsible for measuring line parameters 171 Dam Nai – 171 Ninh Hai, 172 Dam Nai – 175 Thap Cham 2 and performing experiments. 87L line differential protection function, at all 3 ends, Dam Nai, Thap Cham 2 and Ninh Hai

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After the urgent time of experimental construction, in close coordination with PCC1 general contractor, at 5:30 pm on September 8, 2018 VEngy and related parties successfully energized the 110kV Dam substation. Claims.

The operation of the 110kV substation in particular and the Dam Nai Wind Power project in general, contributes to increasing the capacity of the Vietnamese power system in general, and has great significance in environmental protection because wind power is one of the clean, environmentally friendly forms of energy.

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