Oto Vina Co., Ltd. is located at N2 Street, Nhon Trach V Industrial Park, Hiep Phuoc Town, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai is an enterprise from Korea.

With the main business of manufacturing balls, gears, gearboxes, and control and transmission components, the entire factory line consists mainly of stamping machines, metal cutting machines and thermal furnaces.

Because of this feature, the factory always has to pay a penalty fee for reactive power of electricity every month

EmoiTech is a leading unit with advanced instrumentation that has solved this problem for the factory ensuring cosphi for the factory to operate normally without having to pay reactive power penalty.

We specialize in the construction of condenser control cabinets, with professional measuring equipment, we always ensure that the system achieves cosphi power factor and total harmonics within the best allowable range.

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