VEngy Energy Technical and Trading Joint Stock Company has been doing business in the field of supplying electrical equipment, and is a partner of many famous electrical equipment manufacturers in the world such as GE (USA), ABB( Switzerland), Siemens(Germany), Schneider(France), Crompton(India), LSIS(Korea)….

– Gas Insulated Substation (GIS)

– Computer control system for substation and Scada

– First equipment of the whole station: TU, TI, Circuit breakers, Isolators, Lightning arresters, Busbars…

– Control cabinet to protect the whole station: Protective control cabinet (CP, PP, CRP), MK cabinet, VT box, CT box….

– Medium voltage cabinets: 6kV, 10kV, 22kV, 35kV

– Relays for control and protection

– Low and medium voltage capacitor bank system: 0.4kV; 12kV; 24kV; 35kV

– Power supply system for the substation: AC/DC cabinet; Battery rectifier cabinet

– 0.4kV low voltage distribution cabinet

– Generator

– 6kV, 10kV, 22kV and 35kV RMU cabinets

– Power cables and control cables of 0.4kV voltage levels; 1kV; 6kV; 10kV; 22kV; 35kV and 110kV

– Oil transformers, 0.4kV low and medium voltage dry transformers; 6kV; 24kV and 35kV

– Copper busbars of all kinds 0.6/1kV; 12kV; 24kV; 35kV


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